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S M Tidball

Author of the epic Helyan Series

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The Epic Conclusion

The Lost Weapon

Reeling from loss and betrayal, Shae is held by Vex, but fuelled by grief, she seeks reunion with her team. The Guardians embark on a perilous journey, facing new threats and alien species with hidden agendas. Challenges test resilience, doubts arise, and Shae must lead against insurmountable odds. In the epic conclusion, The Lost Weapon explores uncharted territories, alliances, and sacrifices. Can Shae wield the Helyan cube to save the universe? Prepare for a climactic, unforgettable finale.

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Wow, I can't wait to read the next one, and then the next and the next.
I fell in love with the characters and really enjoyed reading it. The pages kept turning and before I knew it, I couldn't make my mind up about which of the main characters I like more. I would recommend this as a great read!

'Can't wait to read the next one' Amazon review for Guardians of the Four

Praise & Reviews

Fallen Star is a fantastic read and quite unputdownable! A wonderful follow up to Guardians of the Four . It is fast moving and beautifully written with great description and strong storyline. A very clever ending definitely leaving the reader wanting more. 

'A compulsive read' Amazon review for Fallen Star

S.M Tidball goes from strength to strength. This book was even better than either of her previous books and kept me turning pages right up until the end where she left us on an amazing cliffhanger. Can’t wait for her next book when the cliffhanger may be resolved.

'This book more than met my expectations' Amazon review for The Trinity Planets

About S M Tidball

S.M.Tidball is a part-time pragmatist, part-time dreamer, and occasional creator of worlds.

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