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Guardians of the Four

Part One of the Helyan Series

An unlikely source warns of an assassination plot, but is killed before revealing the target. Now Shae, with help of Ash - a highly skilled warrior monk - races against time to uncover clues and identify the mark. As they navigate a long-standing conflict between the Four Crowns and anti-royalist rebels, they enlist the support of Captain Jared Marcos and Colonel Jake Mitchell, bringing advanced technology and specialised training to the mission. But with danger at every turn, it remains uncertain if they can prevent the assassination and quell a rebellion - all while keeping Shae's closely guarded secret from being discovered.

Guardians of the Four book

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Fallen Star

Part Two of the Helyan Series

The King's post-summit party turns into a gruesome nightmare when a deadly enemy infiltrates the celebration. The Guardians act quickly, but the attackers escape with a high-value target. Captain Jared Marcos leads the REF and Brotherhood in a high-stakes rescue attempt, but the official mission hides a deeper, covert one that could change the fate of the entire Sector. As Shae becomes more involved, she uncovers a shadowy world she never knew existed. This dangerous mission will challenge everything she thought she knew, and will force her to confront her deepest beliefs and secrets.

Fallen Star book

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The Trinity Planets

Part Three of the Helyan Series

When Shae discovers her family has been lying to her, she turns to her brother Ash for support. Desperate for help and unsure where to turn, they reluctantly seek out an unlikely ally before joining forces with the Wolfpack and Captain Jared Marcos. Together, they embark on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth about the Harbingers. The Pack is determined to protect Shae at all costs, but not everyone may survive the journey. Shae and her companions will have to push themselves to the limit, and embrace extreme measures to survive.

The Trinity Planets book

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The Lost Weapon

Part Four of the Helyan Series

Reeling from loss and betrayal, Shae is held by Vex, but fuelled by grief, she seeks reunion with her team. The Guardians embark on a perilous journey, facing new threats and alien species with hidden agendas. Challenges test resilience, doubts arise, and Shae must lead against insurmountable odds. In the epic conclusion, The Lost Weapon explores uncharted territories, alliances, and sacrifices. Can Shae wield the Helyan cube to save the universe? Prepare for a climactic, unforgettable finale.

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