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Why I write Sci Fi

Sci-fi is my favourite genre to write in because it allows me to unleash my imagination and explore the possibilities of the unknown. The creativity and freedom that writing science fiction offers is unmatched by any other genre. It's an opportunity for me to step into a world where anything and everything is possible.

One of the reasons why I love writing science fiction is the escapism it provides from the day-to-day reality. As a writer, I can take my readers on a journey into a world that's different from our own. It's a place where we can forget about our problems and immerse ourselves in the story.

Creating rich, colourful worlds full of vibrancy and life is another reason why I love writing science fiction. In my stories, I can create new societies, cultures, and creatures that don't exist in our world. It's a thrilling experience to see these creations come to life on the page.

Although I love to explore new ideas and worlds, I still like to keep a level of realism in my writing. In my books, you'll find my characters tackling the same real-world challenges we face in today's society – but just based in the future on different worlds! Writing about current issues in a futuristic setting is a way for me to offer new perspectives on familiar problems.

Science fiction allows me to push the boundaries of what's possible while still keeping a firm grip on reality. It's a genre that challenges me to think outside the box and explore new ideas. I love writing science fiction because it's a way to express myself creatively while still delivering a message to my readers.

Writing science fiction is my passion. It provides me with the freedom and creativity to explore new worlds, while still staying grounded in reality. Whether I'm writing about aliens, creatures, or fantastical powers, I always try to infuse my stories with relatable themes and characters that readers can connect with.

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